Event Photography

Here at Flashmunki Photography we understand the value that photographs have to an event.

Our event price starts from £60.00 per hour with a 1 hour minimum chargeAny events outside the City of Edinburgh will also be subject to travel expenses. Since every event is unique please contact us for more information about price and availability.

If your event is driving a social media campaign or will be used to engage users on social media sites then we offer a specific service for that purpose. Social media is an important tool in promoting and marketing events and we know the difference that images make to social media posts. Up to 70% of Facebook activity revolves around images, some social media sites such as instagram and Pinterest are entirely image based. People are more likely to engage with your brand when you post images and those images reflect on your brand’s professionalism. A poor image will as likely damage your brand as much as a professional one will enhance it.

When taking all this into account it is clear that employing professional photographers is the right choice.

We specialise in low-light events however we are not limited to that alone. Festivals, charity events, clubs, private parties, theatrical and musical performances and dance and street performances are all types of events that we photographed. We always take the planning and research of event photography seriously. We know that our knowledge of your event will show in the pictures we take.


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